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Pontes e viadutos que imitam natureza podem ser indestrutíveis

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A professora Wanda Lewis, da Universidade de Warwick, no Reino Unido, levou ao próximo nível um processo de design inspirado no mundo natural.

Um nível que promete nada menos que uma nova geração de pontes, viadutos e outras estruturas virtualmente indestrutíveis.

O processo de design é conhecido como "busca pela forma", ou "geração de forma" (form-finding). Ele permite a concepção de estruturas rígidas que seguem uma forma natural, ou seja, estruturas que são sustentadas por uma força pura de compressão ou tensão, sem tensões de flexão, que são os principais pontos de fraqueza nas estruturas feitas pelo homem.

Essa técnica poderá, pela primeira vez, viabilizar o projeto de pontes e edifícios que arquem com qualquer combinação de carga permanente sem gerar tensões complexas, o que lhes daria maior segurança e maior durabilidade.

Estruturas projetadas pela natureza

A estrutura de uma árvore ou mesmo de uma folha, a curvatura de uma concha, a forma como um filme de sabão se sustenta em grandes vãos, são todos exemplos de projetos naturais de grande eficiência e resistência.

A professora Lewis desenvolveu agora modelos matemáticos que analisam esses princípios da natureza e geram padrões de estresse simples para cada estrutura. Os princípios que sustentam os modelos matemáticos são ilustrados usando experimentos de "geração de forma" que envolvem peças de tecido ou correntes.

Um pedaço de tecido, por exemplo, é suspenso e então relaxa na sua forma natural de energia mínima, puxado apenas pela gravidade. Em seguida, sua forma final é congelada em um objeto rígido, e então invertido. Isto produz uma forma natural - gerada unicamente pela ação da gravidade - que pode suportar cargas com grande eficiência.

Estética arquitetônica

Talvez não saia ao gosto dos olhos dos arquitetos, mas as formas resultantes têm uma resistência que não encontra equivalentes nos conceitos de engenharia convencionais.

"A estética é um aspecto importante de qualquer projeto, e nós fomos programados para ver algumas formas, como arcos circulares ou cúpulas esféricas, como estéticas. Nós frequentemente as construímos independentemente do fato de que elas geram tensões complexas, e são, portanto, estruturalmente ineficientes," defende Lewis.


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    Myofascial Pain Syndrome: More Than Just Muscle Ache.
    Typically speaking, pharmacological therapy for CP includes the same courses of medication used to treat NP, similar to anticonvulsants,
    tricyclic antidepressants, dual antidepressants and possibly opioids.

    Desk 2 summarizes evidences with regard to pharmacological remedy for central ache.
    Sometimes, a potent analgesic is necessary as adjuvant to
    therapy, particularly if other causes of pain, equivalent to musculoskeletal, are
    including to clinical presentation. In this state of affairs, a
    possible opioid can be methadone, which has pharmacological traits (NMDA block and norepinephrine and serotonin reuptake inhibition) which make it extra enough for such circumstances 24 , 25 Cannabinoids have been particularly effective for MS sufferers, each to deal with pain and spasticity 26 , 27.

    This enables altering the steadiness between excitatory and inhibitory pathways of deafferented segmental neuronal circuits 29.
    Lissauer tract and SCPH injury is more practical and protected when indicated to treat sufferers with in depth
    deafferentation areas, similar to in cases of brachial plexus roots avulsion, actinic
    plexular neuropathy, segmental pain in paraplegic patients with myelopathy or with cauda equina and conus injury 29.
    This process goals at interrupting spinoreticulo-thalamic pathways concerned in the upkeep
    of the unpleasant sensation in NP patients. Spiegel & Wycis 30 were the first
    to carry out mesencephalotomy to deal with CP. There's long-lasting improvement in seventy seven.8% of NP sufferers submitted to mesencephalotomy or baseline thalamotomy in periods various from
    2 months to eight years.

    Most studies involving MCS focuses its use in put up-stroke
    and trigeminal neuropathy, for which there are few efficient treatments.
    Put up-stroke pain responds well to MCS, as a result of approximately
    two third of sufferers have satisfactory relief.
    MCS outcomes to deal with trigeminal neuropathic pain are very interesting, as a result of they've shown that seventy five to
    a hundred% of patients had good or glorious ache aid 34.
    Though most studies have not reported opposed occasions after motor cortex stimulation, some complications had been described.
    Amongst described there are intracranial hemorrhage, infection and everlasting
    neurological deficits.

    Pumps have a drug reservoir which supplies variable autonomy to patients,
    depending on the dose and its use. They may be pushed by permanent gases growth
    stress and by computerized digital pumping, telemetrically
    commanded. They could release medication in the spinal, cisternal and intraventricular
    house. Spinal launch is the most effective as a result of the dose wanted to
    manage pain is the lowest doable and with this, generally, there is no drug in systemic circulation 37.
    Results had been glorious in 50% of circumstances of central NP and good in remaining circumstances, during a comply
    with up interval with mean duration of 21 months; antagonistic effects have been unusual and there has been no an infection or operational issues with the implanted system.

    In Brazil, results have been reported as satisfactory in different types of NP refractory to oral drugs, reaffirming the tactic to treat painful
    syndromes of inauspicious medical and even surgical management 37 , 38 Nonetheless, there are adverse effects from those instantly associated to drug impact on central receptors to impact on hypothalamic-pituitary axis with
    hormonal and bone metabolism modifications. CP may be very frequent in sufferers struggling some type of CNS damage, nonetheless its analysis is tough
    and its treatment is difficult. It is necessary to discover
    a steadiness between the best possible analgesia
    and the maintenance of desirable cognitive and practical capacity, providing good high quality of life despite limitations imposed by neurological dysfunction.

    If the circumstances pass additional evaluations, the state
    would considerably develop on the existing list of eleven maladies that qualify
    a state resident, 18 years or older who is registered, to buy and use medical marijuana.

    Those situations are cancer, glaucoma, HIV or AIDs, Parkinson's illness, a number of sclerosis, intractable spasticity associated to nerve damage in the spinal
    twine, epilepsy, cachexia, wasting syndrome, Crohn's disease and put up-traumatic stress disorder.
    Beneath the state's procedures, the medical marijuana program considers petitions to add medical conditions; a board
    of physicians for this system makes a suggestion; the commissioner
    of client protection then decides whether or not to draft laws
    and move forward with the circumstances.

    This article addresses the assorted therapeutic approaches
    to these maddening circumstances. Docs depend on the research world, which performs tens - maybe a whole bunch - of tens of
    millions of dollars of research on wildly disparate and disconnected”
    causes for power pain including CPS. However, researchers by
    no means concurrently consider the multiple contributing
    factors that create chronic ache for any specific power pain syndrome.
    It research individual contributing components - one by one - and has accomplished this for nearly each chronic pain condition that exists.
    Unfortunately, in our body a number of programs are often concerned in causing power pain.

    Poorly functioning ache gates, not only for the example of the hand ache case,
    but also for the interstitial cystitis and all CPS cases, can be rehabbed with a wide range of affected person specific non-drug spinal cord and brain rehabilitative methods.
    These methods are accomplished along with addressing systemic irritation, sleep and dampening immune responses that shut off
    pain filtering mind cells in the mind stem.
    Now spinal gating” mechanisms could be rebuilt and will shut off the pain, generating from the damaged pain cells in the space of the physique being affected.
    So, the reason for the unrelenting ache was in the brain and spinal wire
    and with their exacerbating elements, not in the

    Chronic ache situations and CPS particularly are advanced.
    Settling for persistent ache pill management, surgical procedure or implanted electrical stimulators
    may typically be an applicable strategy. Co-prevalence of Pain Symptoms and Somatosensory Sensitivity in Burning Mouth Syndrome: A Systematic Overview.
    Moisset X, Calbacho V, Torres P, Gremeau-Richard
    C, Dallel R. PLoS One. PMID: 27657531 PubMed - as supplied by publisher Free PMC Article.
    EAN tips on central neurostimulation remedy in power pain conditions.
    Cruccu G, Garcia-Larrea L, Hansson P, Keindl M, Lefaucheur JP, Paulus W,
    Taylor R, Tronnier V, Truini A, Attal N. Eur J Neurol.

    A latest literature assessment confirmed that there is restricted or
    no success with completely different pharmacological and different remedies.
    In apply, conventional neuropathic drugs, opioid analgesics, physical modalities, acupuncture, leisure strategies and barely surgical procedure are tried, but with restricted success.
    MS is a disease that assaults the brain and spinal
    wire by causing inflammation and damage to the
    protective myelin overlaying of the CNS. In latest studies up to
    sixty five% of MS patients have been reported to have pain (often in multiple site).
    Might come up from musculoskeletal reasons (painful muscle contractures,
    stiff joints, again pain and so on); or.

    Epidural scar forms 6 weeks to 6 months postoperatively in 10-seventy five% of the
    patients, however the vast majority do NOT have signs.
    Epidural steroid injections are widely carried out, but their
    value is questionable. Spinal stimulators and intrathecal opioid pumps may be utilized in patients resistant to standard remedy.
    Remedy mustn't focus solely on medical/surgical administration as persistent pain administration programs
    appear to be more effective. More than eighty% of sufferers with
    avulsion of one or more brachial plexus roots undergo from severe constant, burning or crushing pain often coming in very transient spells (paroxysms) of agonizing
    intensity and lasting for seconds.

    The commonest types of painful neuropathy are ischemic mononeuropathy and distal polyneuropathy.
    Within the latter, patients might expertise gradual onset of aching, burning and/or
    taking pictures pain, numbness and dysesthesiae of their toes
    and feel out of steadiness. Antiepileptics (significantly gabapentin and pregabalin) and fewer so TCAs have been proven to work in many individuals.
    A cream containing capsaicin, the ingredient of sizzling chilli peppers, has been reported in some research to offer reduction but
    many sufferers discover it insupportable because of the burning it produces.
    CRPS is a complex set of symptoms and signs related to severe ache.

    Nonetheless, the 1994 IASP criteria proved to diagnose CRPS in a lot more individuals than they should.
    No other analysis better explains the signs and symptoms.
    Sympathetic blocks could assist, however the position of SNS
    has been downplayed as massive numbers of patients reply to sham
    blocks. Conventional neuropathic pharmacotherapy, opioids and spinal stimulators may be of help, whereas surgical sympathectomy just
    isn't advocated due to multiple issues. When a nerve is reduce, the surgeons must
    work quickly to reattach it. When, nonetheless, the nerve is injured but not transected, it usually recovers by itself and surgeons will wait for 2-3 months.

    Patients are at better risk for PHN as they grow old, in the event that they experience intense ache during acute shingles, if the original rash was severe or that they had serious emotional stressors at the onset of shingles.
    Available therapies proven to work for some patients are topical lidocaine patch 5% (not out there in Canada), gabapentin, TCAs, opioids and the not too long ago accredited
    drug in Canada for neuropathic pain (pregabalin).
    Nerve blocks, slicing nerves or use of spinal stimulators have unproven effectiveness.
    The Shingles Prevention Examine of more than 38,000 adults older than 60 years
    of age evaluated a vaccine to forestall shingles (Oka/Merck VZV
    vaccine) and showed that it works quite effectively in reducing
    the incidence and severity of shingles and the incidence of publish-herpetic
    neuralgia (PHN).

    A particular syndrome after cardiac bypass surgery with using inner mammary artery
    was first described in 1989. Sufferers present with burning and
    shooting chest pain throughout a selected chest wall space as proven within the case above.
    Touch and pinprick hypersensitivity usually go away within 1-1.5 12 months in most sufferers who
    become ache free. In one research intercostal nerve
    damage was detected in seventy three% of the study subjects, 15% of which had persistent ache 5-28 months after surgical procedure.

    Sufferers are often submitted to multiple cardiac investigations as the pain is
    just not effectively understood by their physicians.

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    In my opinion, the problem with the new government school lunch standards is that the additional vegetables  and other nominally healthier foods  that will be served by most schools will, unfortunately, probably be even more unappetizing than the garbage theyre offering now. My own personal cry of But the kids wont eat it! is based more this sad truth than on the silly assumption that kids wont eat vegetables. If only we could legislate that school food has to taste good as well as be healthy.

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